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Orthodontics in Madrid

Orthodontics is the specialty within dentistry responsible for the study, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental malposition, as well as the relationship between the jaws. There are different types of appliances: fixed and removable.

For orthodontics there is no age, children and adults can be treated. You can get a perfect smile no matter how old you are. We use from conventional to the most modern techniques such as self-ligating bracket systems and invisible orthodontics.

​Why is orthodontic treatment important?

Orthodontics does not only consist of aligning and straightening the teeth, it consists of aligning and leveling them in a certain way that gives us a balance of the stomatognathic system, we are not only concerned with correcting malocclusions to achieve ideal aesthetics, but also with performing a perfect gear of the arcades thus achieving a correct occlusion that allows us to chew properly, that protects our temporomandibular joint and gives health to the entire stomatognathic system.

There are several types of treatment depending on the age of the patient:

  • Preventive:consists of cPreserve the space offered by the temporary teeth so that there is a correct eruption and alignment of the permanent teeth.
    The elimination of habits that can cause a malocclusion: thumb sucking, use of a pacifier, tongue and labial interposition. This treatment usually begins at an early age (approximately 5 years).


  • Interceptive:It is the one in which a malocclusion is already forming. It can be at the dental or skeletal level.  

  1. Dental: We use removable plates, canine carvings and composite planes for correction and even brackets. 

  2. Skeletal:An alteration occurs in the bone, secondarily affecting the teeth. In these cases, orthopedic treatments are performed that inhibit or favor the growth of the upper jaw or mandible. It is important to know that orthopedic treatment can only be performed when the child has not yet finished growing, so it is convenient to start around 9 or 10 years of age.


  • Corrective:The patient has normally finished growing and we correct the malocclusions using Multibrackets fixed appliances. It is possible that if the patient is already an adult, his malocclusion must be corrected by extracting a permanent tooth.

Make an appointment with us and we will tell you no commitment which is the best alternative for your case!

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