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Composite Composite Veneers

Clínica dental Madrid Dr. Estévez, dentista en Madrid, Carillas dentales

Componeer veneers_are very thin, adhere to the anterior face of the anterior teeth. These veneers are comparable to artificial nails. They are industrially manufactured with a highly-filled and very resistant nanohybrid composite, which guarantees excellent homogeneity and stability of the veneers to the dental enamel. The extremely thin thickness of the veneers, starting at 0.3 mm, allows you to perform a minimally invasive preparation that respects the dental structure. This new system  opens the way to new perspectives, solving your problem in just one session.

It will give you an attractive smile with beautiful, natural teeth, thanks to the shiny surface. It is a novel, fast and highly aesthetic system.

COMPONEER veneers are a quality solution to solve:

• Unsightly malpositions of the anterior teeth (eg crooked teeth).
• Gaps that are too large between the anterior teeth (diastema).
• Anterior teeth with small imperfections caused by caries.
• Strong discoloration of the teeth.
• Different anatomical deformities.
• Teeth with broken edges.
• Old restorations visible.

Your dentist checks the situation of your front teeth. Choose the right color of COMPONEER veneers and select the correct shape using the templates. That easy and fast. Never before has it been so easy to get a beautiful smile, you will be surprised!

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