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Some tips for the hygiene of your patients:

1.    TO THEDENTIST, ONCE A YEAR. And from a very early age, since caries can manifest itself from the moment the first tooth comes out.


2.     THREE TIMES A DAY. It is the frequency of brushing, after each meal. Essential before going to bed and after getting up in the morning.


3.   THE TOOTHPASTE, WITH FLUORIDE.Fluoride toothpastes help us prevent the appearance of cavities.. 


4.    CHANGE THE WAY YOU BRUSH. Correct brushing consists of making short, smooth and elliptical movements, without forgetting the gum line, the back teeth, the areas around the crowns of the teeth and those with fillings.


5.   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b3b-CAMBILOc5CAMBILOc5. Experts recommend renewing the toothbrush every three months to avoid periodontal diseases.


6._CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-13BAD5CF58D__CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-13BAd5CF58D__CC781905-5CDE-3194-BB3B-136BAD5CF58D__C781905-5CDE-31 The best time is at night, the absence of salivation while sleeping favors the formation of plaque.


7.     RINSE. Mouthwashes are an aid when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy and avoiding infections.


8.     FOLLOW A HEALTHY DIET. It also helps to strengthen the immune system so that it can defend itself against any infection in the oral cavity.


9.   _cc781905-5cde-3194-bbd5c1CAD5CUDLES AUDLES. If you can't brush your teeth, use sugar-free gum or oral hygiene sheets.


10.   DO NOT ABUSE THE BLEACHERS. When used excessively and continuously, they can damage the enamel.

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